Postgraduate Professional Education in Medicine and Dentistry
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Postgraduate professional training in medicine and dentistry

Please note that the specialist training in Medicine and Dentistry is only offered in Finnish.


Universities offer 50 specialist training programmes in medicine and 5 programmes in dentistry. The number and titles of specialities have been defined in Finnish legislation on specialist education (Decree No 56/2015, formerly changed with Decree No 55/2020, both of the links open in a new tab).


Specialist training in medicine/dentistry can be taken by professionals licensed by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira, opens in a new tab). The specialist degree requires at least 5 years of medical practice including at least 9 months of services in public health care centers, theoretical and administrative courses and passing a national written exam.

The Faculty grants the study right, but the training itself takes place within the health care system. The selection of physicians to the training posts at Faculty-approved training units is conducted as per the respective selection procedures of the organisations in question.